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EDI Plugins


EDI Plugins and System Integration

Our EDI Plugins offer a low cost, robust and trusted solution to extend the functionality of your existing software applications. Over the years using the wealth of EDI and integration experience, we have developed these highly configurable Plugins to extend the functionality of third-party applications. Our EDI Plugins allows you to leverage upon your investment on your existing software application systems which you are currently using in your business. EDIPATH Plugins can quickly be configured to work with any system, either through import/export features, or by directly integrating with the system. Our Plugins can:
  • Add EDI functionality to your existing Accounting/ERP System so that you can transact electronically with your partners
  • Integrate your B2B/B2C eCommerce website with your Accounting/ERP System
  • Integrate Shipping/Transport Service Provider with your business applications and/or your business process flow

EDIPATH EDI Plugin’s adaptability, scalability and simple implementation can help your business fulfil industry EDI Compliance requirements, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

EDI System Integration

EDI system integration further cuts down on duplicate data entry and helps facilitate day to day business processes. Integrating your EDI data directly into your ERP, accounting, warehousing and other back-end applications, and automatically extracting data, gives you more benefits. EDI system integration lets you eliminate manual entry, improve accuracy, streamline transactions, increase productivity, reduce costs  and enhance working relationships with partners.

EDIPATH has built standard Plugins for working with a number of systems, the following are just a few of the systems which EDIPATH can support:

Our developers along with implementation team are developing new Plugins for new systems all the time. If you have any questions, or would like to enquire about EDI and integration with a system not on this list, Contact Us and we can get you the solution for your requirements.