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Integrate Your Apps

Automate your business. Our Plugins & EDI VAN turns your existing systems into a multi-channel B2B/B2C eCommerce and EDI solution….

EDI Plugins

Off-the-shelf plugins for all ERP & Accounting Systems, eCommerce Platforms and Courier/Postal Service Providers to automate your processes….


Integration of software applications cuts down on duplicate data entry and improve productivity to helps facilitate day to day business processes….

Shipping Integration

Print shipping labels and submit Manifest with data in your business applications and/or eCommerce website to improve staff productivity and eliminate errors….

Off-the-shelf plugins within your budget to Automate your Business.

Integrate your existing systems and turn them into EDI Solution

EDIPATH VAN (Value Added Network) and EDIPATH Plugins software together is a complete solution to integrate your business applications and automate your business processes. Enable your business to grow volume without growing paperwork, with less keying errors, and less missed steps in the process. EDIPATH VAN (Value Added Network) and EDIPATH Plugins software automates your communication with customers and suppliers through multi-channels like eCommerce web portals and EDI, then integrates and automates this data through your business applications.

EDIPATH Plugins have been architecturally designed and developed to require minimal or no support from businesses using them, thus they are perfectly suited to the small businesses as they often don’t have in-house IT support staff. All EDIPATH Plugins (also known as “Connectors” or “Adapters”) are highly flexible and can be configured to enable the integration level as per your own business needs.

100+ small to large businesses in Australian and New Zealand have chosen to use EDIPATH Plugins to eliminate double data entry and automate the exchange of various document types (including Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoice, Advance Shipping Notice, Credit Note) with their business partners as well as within their own software systems and eCommerce websites.

EDI Plugins & Integration Connectors are available for:

We have developed standard EDI Plugins & Integration Connectors for working with a number of systems, a few of which include: