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About US

Extend your existing software applications, Automate your business

EDIPATH was founded in year 2010 to assist Australian businesses in automating their business processes by extending their existing software applications using EDI Plugins, Connectors and Apps. Since then EDIPATH has helped 200+ small Australian businesses in achieving:
  • Improved operational efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced operational cost and complexity

Our Story

Given the competitive pressure driven from globalization and ever changing economic paradigm, business has become more complex and diverse in the process of sustaining and finding operational savings.

Given the business complexity and diversity in current time, Australian businesses are using multiple software applications from different vendors and these software applications often don’t talk to each other. Therefore it requires the business to transfer the information manually between these software applications. In addition, software applications used by most businesses are generic and often don’t adapt to the processes of business. Businesses also experience missing functionalities in generic software application.

This manual information transfer between multiple software applications and missing functionality not only causes the costly errors but it also require significantly more time from their staff and contractors.

If information transfer between systems can be automated, it will eliminate errors and save hundreds of hours from their staff per year which can be utilized for business growth and expansion.

Information automation is the way to improve productivity, and eliminate errors.

EDIPATH solves these problems with the introduction of EDI Plugins, Connectors and Apps at a highly affordable price. Price affordability is the key for the small Australian businesses to implement that integration (between multiple software applications) and bring that additional functionality in the business. Many software companies around the world are offering EDI connection and integration but they are highly expensive and work on open budget thus making that unaffordable for small Australian businesses.

EDI Plugins, Connectors and Apps from EDIPATH are available on affordable price, and revolutionising software integration with a fresh methodology, and avoiding the common pitfalls of classic integration software. EDI Plugins, Connectors and Apps from EDIPATH are developed using modern technologies with distributed architecture using REST/SOAP Services, APIs and core scalable modules.

While EDI Plugins, Connectors and Apps from EDIPATH are primarily developed for small Australian businesses and available at affordable price for them, they are highly scalable to suit the integration needs of big businesses too.

Why are we successful?

We focus on solving the expansive problems of small Australian businesses by automating the information between their applications and with their business partners. Our close association with our customers and their business requirements creates an integration Plugin/Connector/App that is affordable and solves problems for business.