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Integrate Your Apps

EDIPATH Plugins are developed for businesses of all sizes (from very small to large enterprise) to:
  • Allow integration and transaction/data flow between Accounting/ERP/Business applications and/or B2B/B2C eCommerce websites
  • Turn existing business software systems into EDI Solution so that businesses can electronically send/receive Product information, Invoices, Orders and Advance Shipping Notices with trading partner’s EDI software systems

Shipping Integration

EDIPATH Shipping Integration Plugins enable businesses to:
  • Print Shipping Labels for the orders in your Accounting/ERP System and/or eCommerce website. Our Shipping Integration Plugins support printing of Shipping Labels for all Australian shipping carriers including Toll, Australia Post, Courier First, etc.
  • Submits Manifest file to shipping carriers



EDI Plugins

Off-the-shelf plugins for all ERP & Accounting Systems, eCommerce Platforms and Courier/Postal Service Providers to:
  • Turn existing systems into EDI Solution, and electronically transact business documents with your business partners
  • Automate your processes by integrating your existing software applications and B2B/B2C eCommerce websites
  • Integrate your software systems and processes with your service providers like shipping & transporting companies

Integration Connectors

Off-the-shelf Connectors from EDIPATH allows a cost-effective solution to businesses for automatically transferring/synchronizing data between their two or more software applications and/or eCommerce websites.
  • Integrate your B2B/B2C eCommerce website with your Accounting/ERP Software System
  • Integrate your B2B/B2C eCommerce website with your CRM (i.e. Customer Relationship Management) Software System
  • Integrate your any software application with your any software System